Research Foundation


More than any single trait, it is the Burn Center's emphasis on research and technology that sets us apart. In addition to providing patients with the most advanced burn care solutions available, our focus keeps us at the top of research and development company lists when new product sites are being selected. The size of our patient population alone makes us a desirable location to conduct drug trials. For the past few years, our burn team has been among the largest group of presenters at both regional and national professional meetings. More importantly, the knowledge we glean today improves the quality of treatment and care we deliver tomorrow.

Mission Statement

The Joseph M. Still Research Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit, private organization affiliated with the Joseph M. Still Burn Center created with the following purposes:

  • To develop clinical research to improve the care of burn patients
  • To develop educational programs for members of the Burn and Wound Team
  • To provide assistance and teaching in burn care to under-developed countries, in response to burn disasters in particular
  • To disseminate new knowledge in epidemiology and management of burn-associated injuries and wounds
  • Prospective Phase II, III and IV pharmaceutical and medical device clinical trials in the following burn and wound treatment areas:
    • Systemic treatment
    • Anti-infectives
    • Skin substitutes to treat acute burn injuries
    • Supportive care modalities to reduce mortality
    • Various patient and environment of care medical devices
    • Observational/registry trials
    • Retrospective/Outcomes clinical trials, single and multi-patient case studies

For more information about research studies at the Joseph M. Still Research Foundation, contact through the information listed below.

Joseph M. Still Research Foundation, Inc.
3675 J. Dewey Gray Circle, Suite 200-B
Augusta, GA 30909
Ph. 706.364.2966 Fax: 706.364.2878

Joseph M. Still Research Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors:

  • Board Chairman - Robert F. Mullins, M.D.
  • Vice Chairman - Zaheed Hassan, M.D.
  • Secretary - Susan Bennett
  • Treasurer - Day Harrison
  • Board Member - Bruce Friedman, M.D.
  • Board Member - Claus Brandigi, M.D.
  • Board Member - Paul Dunbar
  • Board Member - Robert Osborne
  • Board Member - Charles Broome
  • Board Member - Heyward Wells
  • Board Member - Charles Gertler, PA-C